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WMMM – Chapter 5.2: Disaster

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Who Moved My Mountain

Chapter 5.2: Disaster


“I have a feeling these jade artifacts are merely a small fraction. When I was surveying the surroundings a moment ago, I found a few animal bones. Based on these, I have a conjecture that here exists a tomb from the Zhou Dynasty1.

“I’d say that this isn’t a tomb, the depth from the surface doesn’t seem to match the depth of a tomb. Regardless of this place being a tomb or not, since we have found these jade artifacts, I have a feeling that this discovery is going to shock the world. So, they must not carry out any construction here!”

“Right, construction should definitely not be carried out at this place!”

Yun Rong had listened for half a day but couldn’t understand what these few old men were up to with those useless jade artifact offerings. All those jade artifacts, now buried underground, were from 3,000 years ago, when the humans came here and prayed for good weather, peace and prosperity.       

Actually, she had no use for these jade artifacts at all. She herself had no idea how many of these jade artifacts were scattered in Dan Qiu Mountain. The humans sent these and no matter what, those were the humans’ sincere feelings, and she did not reject them.

However, it didn’t matter even if she didn’t understand. Yun Rong had only caught, must not carry out construction, this sentence. If these old men could prevent the people from yesterday to continue their construction, she did not mind giving these jade artifacts to them.

Yun Rong felt really generous, anyway she was not fond of these things.

Thinking this way, Yun Rong couldn’t wait to go down the mountain as soon as possible and observe the growth and development of these humans. Taking advantage of this period when there weren’t any works, she wanted to quickly earn human money and buy Dan Qiu Mountain.  

Yun Rong soon arrived at Haishi, the nearest place from Dan Qiu Mountain. She walked while looking at her surroundings, feeling extremely curious at the new and odd things. She did not expect the human world underwent such drastic changes after 3,000 years. Back in those days, there were only several thousands of humans, but at present, the street was filled with humans. On the other hand, there was no trace of demons and ghosts. 

Despite feeling extremely entertained by the new and odd things, from beginning to end, Yun Rong did not forget the matter of earning money. She slowly walked and arrived at the city centre to first see what other people had prepared in order to earn money before making her plans.

On the pedestrian zone beside Haishi’s commercial district, Li Que Zi spread out a yellow cloth under the shade of a tree. Since it was the weekend, there would be more people walking along the pedestrian zone. He had specially come early to get a good position. He knew that these two days during the weekend, the money earned would be the same as the whole week’s earnings.

He put on the act of arranging copper coins, compassess and yellow talismans one by one, then stroke his neat and tidy but fake goatee which he had glued on his chin before. And he was ready to do business.  

 Yun Rong was walking along the pedestrian zone and could see what Li Que Zi was doing from afar. Right after he was done arranging his goods, a young lady stopped by. Li Que Zi only said a few words and that little lady took out a piece of green bank note and handed it to him. Happily clasped a piece of yellow talisman in her hands before walking away.

Yun Rong knew, that was 50 yuan RMB. She recalled it from Wu Song Ya’s memory.

Yun Rong felt weird, just a moment ago, she heard this man say a few words.

“Young lady, I see from your face that there will be a romantic relationship in your life. Are you going to confess to your classmate?”

“I saw that it won’t go very smoothly. This classmate actually likes you too, but there is another person who keeps interfering. Why don’t you buy this love talisman and keep it for a while. The love talisman here is very effective. All the lovers buying it have achieved good results.”

Just like that and he had earned 50 yuan. It seemed that it wasn’t that difficult to earn money.

However, what this person said before was all wrong. He said that the little lady’s face contained the colors of spring which resembled going to be in a romantic relationship. But her breath was chaotic, so it was not a serious relationship that would lead to marriage by fate. It was more likely to be destined to meet but not fated to be together.

Marriages predestined by fate were entirely bound by the heavens. A single unclear love talisman could not alter it. Otherwise, wouldn’t everything be in a mess?

Yun Rong shook her head. The human’s mouth no longer spoke the truth, unlike how they were previously.

She slowly walked towards where Li Que Zi was. Li Que Zi, who was bowing his head, felt a presence and raised his head to see a very beautiful young lady wearing old and dirty clothes standing in front of his booth. The young lady did not seem to be fully grown yet, her pair of eyes were clear and bright, they looked simple and pure.

Inside, he was happy. This type of young lady was the easiest to swindle. Just saying a few words and she would voluntarily take out money.

Thinking this way, Li Que Zi mysteriously stroked his goatee, while casting a look at Yun Rong, he said: “Young lady, I see that there is a faint dark energy in your yìntáng2. I’m afraid in these two days you will meet with disaster ah!”

“Disaster?” Yun Rong frowned and looked at Li Que Zi, “You really saw that I would meet with a disaster?” She felt very funny in her heart. This person still tried to cheat her.  

“Yes ah, young lady, today I warned you with good intention. I can’t do anything if you don’t want to listen to me. However, I am half immortal Li, has never said anything untrue. In not more than 3 days, you will have a blood disaster!” Li Que Zi saw Yun Rong’s reaction and thought that his own prediction had made her worried. He was very pleased with himself. I predict that unless you read this at the original site,, in less than 3 days you’ll have a blood disaster ah!

He couldn’t help wanting to say something even more severe. This type of young lady, when frightened by a few words, they would believe anything.

“This must be the first time you come here. Who doesn’t know my name in this pedestrian zone? Why don’t I help you to calculate. You are young, later on the road in your life is still long. If something bad happened, you would regret it for a lifetime.”

Li Que Zi continued with a more serious tone.

Yun Rong blinked her eyes and unexpectedly replied with, “Since you are this talented, why don’t you calculate your own life. I see that there are dark, strong blazes on your shoulders. A red thread indicating blood quickly arrives at the peak of your eyebrow. In not even half a day, a blood disaster will befall you. If you manage to avoid this disaster, afraid there is still imprisonment in your future.”  

1: The first half of Zhou Dynasty was the Western Zhou Dynasty from 1046 – 771 BC, followed by  Eastern Zhou Dynasty from 770 – 256 BC.:leftwards_arrow_with_hook:

2: yìntáng translates to “The Hall of Impression” or “Hall of Seal”. It is located between the medial ends of the two eyebrows..:leftwards_arrow_with_hook:

Lmao, this reminds me of a novel I read not long ago (What’s your gender, Princess?) where the main leads were warned of a ‘blood disaster’ about to befall them, it was a body-swapping novel so this ‘blood disaster’ actally referred to the arrival of menstrual period in the MC’s body while the ML was still trapped in it 😂😂 well I can tell you it won’t be this kind of blood disaster in this case lol

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  1. Hello, translator,
    I’m from Indonesia. I’ve taken interest in this translation of yours and would like to re-translate this to Bahasa Indonesia and posting it in Indonesian wattpad. Do you mind? I’ll assure you that my works are fully noncommercial.
    I’ll give links to your english translation in every chapter i’ve posted, of course.
    Thank you


    1. Hello June!
      Thank you for reading this novel from our blog 😊 This is our first novel and having a reader as passionate as you is very exciting for us.

      In regards to retranslating the novel into another language, I’m sorry to tell you that we cannot allow you to do that due to several reasons.

      First, we do not have permission from the translator.
      Second, there maybe parts that were mistranslated as we do not use Chinese daily as our first language. Keep in mind that there are multiple meanings to one character and we might have misinterpreted it. In addition, the slang words, idioms etc might have also been misinterpreted.

      For those reasons, we do not allow our translation to be used as a basis for any purposes, including retranslating into another language. If you still wish to do so, please use the original/raw as the basis of your translation.

      All in all thank you very much for the interest and for asking.

      Side note: we also have a wattpad account in English under Blooming Translation ^^


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