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MDD Chapter 38 Part 2: Bai Xue

In Bai Xue’s family record book, it was written that she came from the not so distant Zao Hua Village. She had two elder brothers and one younger sister in the family. Her parents were both farmers and had 1.3* mu of land. Baixue had been following his parents farming since young, that’s how she had become strong and dark. But the family had a lot of people. After her elder brothers got married and had children, their life became more difficult. In order to get more money to feed their mouths, Baixue went to Yanjing to be a servant girl.

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MDD Chapter 38 Part 1: Bai Xue

After the birthday ceremony, Jiang Li’s Fang Fei Garden resumed it’s peaceful days. Even though facts proved that Jiang Li was accused wrongly in the matter of the gems in the head ornament, not one person came to appease her. Tong’er secretly heard from outside, Old Madam Jiang called Ji Shuran to the Phoenix Hall in the evening and reprimanded her harshly for a time. Hearing that Jiang You Yao’s birthday ceremony was managed by Ji Shuran, in the end having this kind of matter came out, it was making the guests see a joke and leting the Jiang family lose its face. 

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WMMM – Chapter 48 Part 3: Green Hat

< Previous Chapter | Table of Contents | Next Chapter >        Who Moved My Mountain Chapter 48 Part 3: Green Hat Bai Mo experienced such a situation, and shouted loudly in pain: “Nobody, I guessed it myself. Senior, I’m wrong, failing to recognize Mount Tai*. I really didn’t do it on purpose …….” … Continue reading WMMM – Chapter 48 Part 3: Green Hat

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RPIMRM – Chapter 19 Part 5

< Previous Chapter | Table of Contents | Next Chapter > Sponsored chapters in queue: 1  (need to repeat it every time or i'll forget lol) The Random Passerby I Married Is The Richest Man! Chapter 19 Part 5: Identity of the Richest Man Activated! She hadn’t disclosed the matter of the marriage to anyone except her family.… Continue reading RPIMRM – Chapter 19 Part 5

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WMMM – Chapter 48 Part 2: Green Hat

ai Mo was still very considerate in booking a presidential suite. Xiao Wu led her to the door of the room and knocked on it. The door was opened quickly and Bai Mo pulled Yun Rong inside. He directly saidto Xiao Wu: “Leave immediately, when I’m done I’ll go back myself.”  Such a snack brimming with spiritual influence, he wanted to enjoy it to the fullest. 

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MDD Chapter 37 Part 2: Triumph

“Cousin was unwilling to offend mother because of me, I understand this very well. All the people in the Jiang residence are fully aware of the principle of putting their own safety before anything else, I also won’t blame them. Just, in the future cousin must no longer speak so familiarly with me. I, this person, don’t like to keep up appearances the most.” Jiang Li spoke, not urgently nor slowly. 

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MDD Chapter 37 Part 1: Triumph

Jiang Li did not know what Ji Chen shi and Ji Shuran were discussing. However, she was clear that today’s matter of confronting Ji Shuran’s trap, her action, that is, the conflict with Ji Shuran, was displayed plainly in front of everyone. Judging from how Ji Shuran acted towards Jiang second miss before, Ji Shuran really wasn’t a big-hearted person. As the conflict intensified, Ji Shuran was bound to carry out more powerful methods. Jiang Li was not afraid at all.